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By giving to Kentuck, you lead the way in helping the citizens of your community experience arts and culture, which directly improves the quality of life in West Alabama. Your gift helps nurture the careers of artists who go on to be exhibited or collected by museums such as the Smithsonian, the Metropolitan, and the High, showing the world the wealth of creativity that comes from our region.


2024 updates: Kentuck memberships are valid through the calendar year, January through December. All memberships end December 31 and must be renewed for the following year.* *Members who join or renew October-December of 2023 will automatically be considered 2024 members and will enjoy 3 free months of membership.

Those who join after the first quarter will pay prorated dues. 

Proration schedule:

January-March: 100%

April-June: 75%

July-September: 50%

October-December: 25%

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you're in good company...
here's our current ken-folk

curator's circle

Anonymous Donor


Claire Friday 

big dog

Grace Lee 

Anthony & Terri Stella

Ronald & Rosa Davis
Kathryn Oths

Elizabeth & Price McGiffert

Danny & Alana Wolfe

Angela Hamiter

Glenda Kilgore

Beverly & Frank Wingard

Steve Hessler & Mary Ellen Vehlow

fire ant

Judy Halli 
Gene & Jenelle Marsh
April Lane

Jordan & Jenny Plaster

Meri Kozel

Laura Crum

Susan  Benke

Anne Franklin Lamar

Robert Halli & Allen Jones-Halli

Carmen J. Hudson

Michael & Babs Anderson

Judy Halli

Leanne & Al Spencer

Bernard & Kathryn Harwood

Holly Gardner

Fred & Meri Kozel

Donna Boles

Carol & Larry Wilkin

Alexia Kartis

Hugh & Susan Thomas

Ralph & Molly Lusian

Amy Echols


Susan Caffee
Susan Rue
Mary Garnand

Jane Rasco

Vikki Kerr
Frank Franklin

John Roboski

Vicki Turnage

Juliet Pruitt

Molly Lawrence
Nini Jobson

David Patterson 

Michelle Dowd

Lane Schmitt
Susan Lyons

Vivian H. Wright

Carlie Baird

Mike Ellis

Paul Barrett

Amy Trice

Bobby Bragg

Margaret Lowry

Theresa & Michael Pappas

Mike Henderson

Kathryn S. Zeanah

Pam Askew

Amy Darby

Lyda J Black

Elizabeth Bercowski

Kathleen Fetters

McKittrick Moss

Amy Darby

Bess and George Miller

Carl Clements

Jane & Thomas Frith

Deborah Boler

Virginia McPhearson

Shelley & Dexter Hancock

Bob & Dena Prince

Melissa Carter

Mary Margaret Schoenfeld

Jason & Melissa Guynes

Beverly Kissinger

Michael & Anne Tierney

Susan Ramey

Norman Carlson

Angie Dodson

John & Beverly Roboski

Diane Channell

Kitty & Paul Whitehurst

Michelle McKelvey

Bobby & Amy Bragg

Susan & Sam Gaskins

Kathy Grissom

Barbara & Joel Kucharski

Bobby & Cathy Wooldridge

Pam & JD Askew

Stacy Morgan

John & Linda Lochman

Carol Ann Skinner

Jane Brilbeck

John Summerford

Chris & Exa Skinner

art center

Debra Linde
Paul Ray

Camille Brignac

Diane Channell

Landon and Ashley Palmer

Nedra S. Franks

Robert G Lewis

Susan Ramey

Marvin & Catherine Rogers

Victoria Evans

Robert E. Lewis

Nancy R. Campbell
Sherry Singley 
Andre Ray
Jim Lamoreaux
Janet Teer
Teresa Wise
Ellen Griffith Spears

Jamie St. Clair 

Steve Smith 

Herman Fritz

Ron Herbster

Bea Powell

Melony Carroll

Shawna Szulczowski

Nikki McGillivray

Kelsey and Richard Rush

Sandy Stilson

Lola McCord

Kristin Walters

Millie Jackson

Carol & Dwight Lammon

Layl McDill

John Rittmann

Laurascott Barfield

Ross and Julie Vaughn

Sabrina Keating

Melanie and Claude Edwards 

Kay Smith

Virginia Shirley

Daniel White

Steve Johnson

David Fitts

Karen Piassick

David Merzbacher

Karen Brooks

Bob & Day Weatherly

Susan & Art Benke

Susan Allen

Glenda & David Hood

Rene Byrd

Theodosia Tiller

Marian Hagood

Robert Lewis

Dolores Crawford

Vicki Turnage

Harriet Adams

Juliet & Paul Pruitt

Kenneth Midkiff

Cynthia Almond

Harriette Crunk

Lucy Kaufman

Elizabeth Hall

Libo Tan

Julie Sittason

John & Pam Hisey

Barbara & Lex Grimes

Shelley Jones

Donna Cowan

Steve Davis & Olivia Jammin

Jo Anne Gentine

Camille Mendle

Lee & Lisa Keyes

Charlie Cook

Randy Shoults

Phillip & Beth Bobo

Alexandre & Marguerite Todorov

Jack & Anne Smalley

Claude Edwards

Easty Lambert-Brown

Forrest Fitts

David Hartin

Cameron Mayfield

Ray & Camille Brignac

Lane Schmitt

Rosemary Blethen

Theodore Trost

Kathleen Andrews

Bill & Sherri Trick

Susan Jasko

Amy Traylor

Ronny Reed

Tiffany McGlothlin


Ned Berry

Laura Willingham Walker
Hayes Dobbins
Kerri Morthland

Craig Hoadley
Michael Burns

Doris Blum 

Margie Hartley

John Newby

Bobby Prince

Kathy Brunot

Latrise Johnson

Jamie Colson

Fred Mitchell

Catherine L. Goolsby

Khairy Abdus-Samad

J.K. Terrell

Suzanne Henson

Victor Edwards

Tera Tubbs

Bill and Janice James Eubank

Daniela DeLuca

Jennifer Sexton

Dewayne Linder

Melissa K. Hunt 

Jasmine Hocutt

Michelle Robinson

Wendy Knox Tucker

Nicole Pepper

Regina Harrell

Amy Chambley

Joe Chambley

Michael Hand

Ashley Bond Enoch

Glenna Brown

AD Christian

Harriette Honeycutt

Martha Beadle

Melinda Norton

Bill and Janice Eubank

Loretta Jones

Larry Glover

Doris Blum

Keirsten Ellis

Lindsey Held

Patricia Townsend

Pam Parker

Bob Shaw

Mary Catherine Compton

Sheila Hayes

Barbara Cole

Emily Baker

Oleksandra Beznosova

Brigitte Kalmbach

Penny Dobson

Carol Gatewood

Margaret Donnelly

Deloris McMullen

Cade Cook

Emily Deal

Dominique Yancey

Mary Kerr

David Cobb

Laurl Self

Phyllis Wood

Catherine Andreen

Allison Lewis
Bea Powell

Lee Thomas

Chris Armstrong

Nahree Doh

Jason Irvin

Lindanne Phillips

Misty Nelson

Amy Smoot

Kathryn White

Julia Phifer

what does your membership fund?

browse the photos below for fun memories of the kentuck festival, exhibitions, studio artists, art nights, and more. 

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