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Rik Long

Gallery at Hotel Indigo: july 17 - september 24

Son of well-known folk artist Woodie Long, Rik Long was no stranger to painting as a child. Now grown and with an art gallery of his very own, Long has a variety of unique pieces that each tell a story. From using greens and blues to browns and yellows, Long has depicted cities, people, bible scenes, and even roosters.

“My dad had such a unique style. We didn’t want people to think that I was copying him, and I didn’t want to come close enough to his style for people to think I was doing his work. The roosters, they’re all mine,” he said. “Dad did people. I do roosters.”

Above all, Long loves to see others enjoy what he does. When he sells a piece, he knows someone else appreciates his work enough to take it home. Local to Andalusia, Long opens his gallery at least three days a week and still finds inspiration in the “color of art.”

From Andalusia Star News

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