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Kevin Irwin

Museum Gallery: June 6-July 25, 2019

As a native Californian, Kevin has always been inspired by animals, color, and the perfect balance of artistic beauty she finds in nature.

At 18 she moved to Birmingham, Alabama and discovered a whole new world of inspiration. Historic architecture, the natural world of southern plants, and animals and insects became a fascination and continue to be great passions. Her home and studio are both restored historic buildings in downtown Birmingham.

Irwin works in various mediums including flame-worked glass, ceramics, jewelry design and construction, pen and ink, and watercolor paintings. Practicing in different mediums allows her to explore many styles, materials, textures, and dimensions. While she has attended some workshops, Irwin is primarily self-taught.

“If I had to define how my Art affects my life, I would say that it leads me to beauty, joy, and laughter, which I want to share with others. And it is the language I speak best. If my work inspires you to this, then we are on a journey together. That not only gives me great joy, but it makes it all worth it.”

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