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David Hammock

Museum Gallery: June 6-July 30, 2020

David Hammock is a Southern self taught artist, who forges and fabricates his own innovative metal art sculptures, using both modern and traditional metalworking techniques while combining found objects to create works of art.

Carefully sorting through rusty mountains of scrap metal in places an artist shouldn’t belong is how my sculptures come to existence. My art supply store requires a tetanus shot, steel toe boots, and awareness of your surroundings. I love the rush I feel when I find an object of value in a pile of discarded steel, which is the reason I keep coming back for more. Leaving the scrap yard with a truck load of hand selected steel is the beginning of an artistic process full of sparks, fire, heat.

Through the functional elements of his sculpture, humor is found giving the art a balance of being serious and playful.

David's Art is displayed in galleries across the United States and his work is shipped around the world. His metalwork has been in several Movies and featured on HGTV. David has won numerous awards from Best of Show to Honorable Mention at many juried art shows.

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