Theresa Disney

Museum Gallery: October 7, 2021-November 22, 2021

As a self-proclaimed "visual storyteller," Theresa Disney gives voice to her imagination through color, form, and any medium she can get her hands on. Being an artist is all she's ever known. Rising early and working until exhaustion sets in, she goes to bed thankful and wakes up grateful to be able to create.

Those familiar with her work see her fresh sense of humor coupled with a sometimes irreverent take on a wide variety of subject matter. From saints to sinners, friendship and love, cats, dogs, birds, and sheep, Theresa's playful spirit is evident. It is her devotion to creating art that has sustained her through the personal struggles of abuse, fires, cancer, and raising two sons.

She is well known for her humorous take on art history. She has also exhibited nude studies and a book of illustrations depicting her cancer treatment and recovery.

Her work has appeared in several national publications and received numerous awards. Theresa was included in an ancillary show to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center's Uncommon Visions exhibition. For her one of a kind creations, Theresa was selected as an American Original in the edition of More magazine. Country Home magazine did a feature article on Theresa and her charming home/studio space.