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Jeanie Holland and TR Reed

Museum Gallery, October 6-November 24, 2022

Jeanie Holland Artist Statement

I am a maker of tales. For more than twenty years I have pushed and poked soft Georgia red clay into narrative objects. I blew it up with drinking straws, spent hours carving it with dental tools and incised ghost stories into it with pencils. I love the butter soft feel of the clay. I love the color of it, the way it feels to press textures into it. It is always teaching me something. Several years ago, a rug hooker moved in next door. Suddenly, I found myself in a soft new world. Pulling a simple strip of fabric through a background of linen allowed me to paint with fiber. The hooking itself creates a texture which stands up well to the clay. My current works are a series of small “snapshot” pieces within the confines of found cigar boxes, drawers and handmade frames. These mixed media boxes are based on primitive toys, make-dos and late night porch whisperings. I have begun to explore kinetics as a means to enhance the stories but the motion remains rough, something created for a moment of wonder...

T.R. Reed Artist Statement

Tim Reed creates wonderful whimsical sculptures that are best displayed indoors, near an open window, to allow a cooling breeze to activate the spinning elements. Each piece is unique, signed, and dated. Tim's pieces are highly collectible, and he has a cult following that appreciate the detail and zany theme of each piece. As a self-taught artist and musician, Reed draws from a well of creativity going back to the 70s, when he published fake magazines under a pseudonym and took up playing unconventional instruments with friends. In 1981, he entered an exhibition called "Whirligigs, Weathervanes and Wind Toys" and the experience evolved into the work he displays and sells at exhibits and art shows.

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