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Tiffany Ownbey

Museum Gallery, October 5-November 27, 2023

I am interested in connections and the way humans and creatures interact with each other, objects and nature. I live in the woods of North Carolina where I enjoy the company of dogs, cats, wild animals and my garden. I live in a cabin hand-built by my grandparents over 80 years ago. The influence and importance of nature and history all around me is apparent in each piece I make.
Most of the materials I use in my papier-mâché sculpture and collage already have a history of their own when I find them. These often familiar pieces of the past request viewers take a more in-depth look at the combined elements.
Each one-of-a-kind piece I make starts with brown sewing pattern paper. I then add ink drawings, acrylic paint, ink, oil pastels, old book pages with beautiful foxing, many kinds of antique stamps, unused cigar and food labels, maps, blueprints, buttons, ancient magazines and many other interesting found items. The finished pieces are sealed with a matte varnish & a sometimes protective coat of sturdy wax.

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