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Meet The Artist: Jason Stoddard

There's a new addition to the Kentuck Gallery Shop! We're so pleased to be offering one of a kind jewelry handcrafted by Alabama native Jason Stoddard. His collection, which he sells under the brand J. Stoddard Artisan Jewelry, features an array of beautiful bracelets made from precious metals and perfect for stacking.

Jason began making jewelry in 1990. He was first inspired by 18th century sailors' knots, often bits of rope sailors tied into intricate designs as gifts for their girlfriends back home. That initial inspiration has been a consistent through-line in his pieces ever since. But every artisan has to start somewhere, and for Jason that start was through books and videos that taught basic wire-wrapping. From there, he says, he kept learning new techniques and honing his skill. When looking at his jewelry you might notice a lack of joins. That's part of the appeal of Jason's process and a very intentional choice, he says.

"I choose to remain true to the art form of no solder or glue to hold things together. Everything I create is wrapped and tied into a beautiful piece of jewelry using only small hand tools."

To create his unique bracelets, Jason uses a combination of gold, rolled gold, and sterling silver metals, materials he says he chooses for their beauty, strength, and durability. Pearls and gemstones also make frequent appearances in his bracelets. These are carefully set to enhance each stone and entwined in coils of silver and gold. Delicate and beautiful on their own, these bracelets appear their best when worn in multiples. Stacked one atop another, they work together, the simpler designs setting off those that are more intricate. He makes each piece in his Alabama studio and says specific locales around the state sometimes inspire jewelry reminiscent of those places.

What started with an interest in knot work and a book on wire wrapping, has evolved into a decades spanning jewelry career, but even after thirty years perfecting his craft, Jason doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"I still have a passion for crating new designs, and love when customers tell me that one of my pieces is their favorite piece of jewelry."

Jason sells his work at art shows around the South East, but due to the COVID-19 crisis many have been cancelled for 2020. That makes this the perfect time to be bringing these beautiful pieces to the Kentuck Gallery Shop where you can appreciate and try them on in person. See the beautiful bracelets we have available below!

Kentuck's Gallery Shop is open Monday-Friday, 10-12,1-4 and Saturday-Sunday, 12-4. Masks and social distancing required.


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