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join us for kentuck's saturday art markets!

join us for kentuck's saturday art markets!

join us for kentuck's saturday art markets!

join us for kentuck's saturday art markets!

Experience Kentuck and shop from local artists in Kentuck's Courtyard of Wonders during Kentuck's Saturday Art Markets! There will be sidewalk chalk and a small $2 craft you and your little ones can enjoy. The market is free (and family-friendly) to attend, but we always encourage you to support our local artists!

While you're out, why not spend the morning exploring Northport? Visit Kentuck's Saturday Art Market, Kentuck's Gallery Shop, and the local businesses in Historic Downtown Northport. Get out of the house and explore your town!🌻

Saturday Art Markets for 2023 are currently scheduled for the third Saturday of the month from 9:30am-2:00pm.

The dates for quarter one of 2023 are:

Saturday, January 21

Saturday, February 18

Saturday, March 18

jan 21 artists & vendors:

UniquelyJillian - Jillian Maxcy-Brown

SiddaLee's Creations - Sidda Butler

FixinToFold - Jasmine Hocutt

Kadman Art - Kamden Marshall

Rogue Ephemera - Sarah Cheshire

Jay Waters Photos - Jay Waters


Location: 503 Main Avenue Northport, AL 35476

Dates and Time: January 21; February 8; March 18 from 9:30am-2:00pm

Want to sell your artwork at Saturday Art Markets?

Space allotted is roughly 10 ft to allow a 6 ft table. Each vendor may set their own prices and are responsible for their own payment processing. Vendors are always responsible for the cleanliness within their vending area. All vendors must complete an application through Eventeny and be approved. Vendors must pay appropriate fees prior to the Saturday Art Market.

If it is raining, the market will be cancelled and a refund will be given.

Required  Fees: 

$20 space rental, $40 if setting up a tent, $10 table rental (limited availability), $1 metal chair rental.

Questions? Contact Molly Nelko, Programming Assistant, at