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Andrew McCall

Kentuck's Teer Gallery: july 17 - september 24

Andrew McCall, also known as the “Vine Man,” has been crafting everything from baskets to birdhouses for around 40 years. He began his artistic journey after watching a friend make grape vine wreaths, and his love of creativity kept him going from there.

Before finding his passion for art, McCall tried a few things, including trade school, college, and serving in the military. Now, crafting his artwork through kudzu vines and wild wisteria keeps him busy. To find and gather supplies, he searches the woods and abandoned areas near his home, located south of Montgomery.

When using these raw materials, his philosophy is simple. “Working with a wisteria or kudzu vine is kind of like dancing,” McCall said. “You have to let it tell you what to do – never get ahead of the vine.”

McCall has sold his pieces at galleries in Birmingham, fairs, and craft centers, and even QVC. Currently, you can find his work being sold on his Facebook page and at local gift shops and cafes.

From the Birmingham Times

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