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kentuck is expanding!
introducing: kentuck at queen city

Kentuck Art Center is pleased to announce Kentuck at Queen City, a proposed expansion project at the historic Queen City Pool House in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The concept site plans proposed in Mayor Maddox’s Capital Projects recommendation presentation on Tuesday, April 30 include increased museum space, a café, an additional retail storefront, and an event venue.

“This expansion represents an exciting new chapter in Kentuck’s history,” said Exa Skinner, executive director of Kentuck Art Center. “We’re grateful to the City of Tuscaloosa for the opportunity to collaborate on this project, and we look forward to preserving the architecture of this building and honoring the legacy of Mildred Westervelt Warner.”

The Queen City Pool House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s apprentice Don Buel Schuyler, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1992.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reactivate a historic area and create a destination that’s truly special,” said Skinner. “This project increases accessibility to the arts for all, whether you live in Tuscaloosa County or you’re visiting from out of town.”

“This is an exciting opportunity to expand the reach of Kentuck’s arts programming in our community and our City,” Mayor Walt Maddox said. “This proposed project will amplify our Arts & Entertainment District, and continue to transform our riverfront into a destination for residents and visitors alike.”

Kentuck Art Center has experienced remarkable growth and expansion in its programming in recent years. In 2023, Kentuck hosted an impressive 223 days of scheduled activity on its campus, spanning workshops, art markets, art nights, and other special events. The number of scheduled workshops surged to over 140, a significant increase from the 13 workshops offered in 2019. This growth is mirrored in workshop participation, which soared from 64 participants in 2019 to an impressive 833 participants in 2023. Kentuck Art Center also saw substantial attendance at its events, with more than 1,000 visitors attending Art Markets and over 2,000 attendees at Art Nights in 2023. Kentuck Art Center’s role as a creative hub in the community is projected to grow this year, with more than 141 workshops hosted in the first half of 2024.

“Kentuck Art Center has experienced exponential growth in the last 10 years and has been looking for opportunities to expand throughout Tuscaloosa County since 2019,” said Michelle Robinson, board president of Kentuck Art Center. “This is an exciting first step in the expansion, and Kentuck will continue its pursuit of offering more classroom spaces throughout the county.”

Kentuck Art Center’s main campus is located in Historic Downtown Northport, and is providing the community with 3 gallery spaces, workshops for all ages, a Gallery Shop, artists’ studios, and monthly Art Nights.

kentuck at queen city concept renderings

Kentuck at Queen City Concept Image 2
Kentuck at Queen City Concept Rendering 1
Kentuck at Queen City Concept Image 3

stay tuned for more information!

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