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Sounds of the Grass: Cym Doggett Exhibition Recap

Cym Doggett's tranquil work will be on display in Kentuck's Museum Gallery from May 4, 2023 to May 29, 2023. Cym's work exemplifies the dichotomy that exists in nature between strength and subtly. This balance is seen amid the bright graceful lines set against solid black aluminum.

Cym Doggett is a self-taught artist who transforms metals into graceful representations of nature. She thrives on the beauty of the natural world and actively seeks out the inspiration it generously offers up.

"I grew up in a small town, we were always out and about in nature. I have always been drawn to that."

Cym's ability to transform cold hard metal into delicate sweeping forms is unmatched. Large pieces capture your attention with their simple yet powerful designs, and small pieces lure you in with their intricacy. Cym's exhibit also displays hand-built wire trees and nests teetering on large solid rocks. She gained a new appreciation for birds and their abilities while constructing these fascinating wire nests.

"Some come easier than others."

The diligent effort that Cym puts into her work while considering the brevity of time and the constrain of the tools she uses is evident in the amount of detail in each piece.

"You don't get to make mistakes."

The theme of balance and our connection to nature ripples even through the title of her show. Cym devised the name on a quiet walk through Gulf Shores State Park, where the boardwalk breeze was rustling the tall marsh grass. This "sounds of the grass" caught her attention and became the name of her exhibition.

The imagery of the delicate strands of marsh grass holding strong against the daily torrents of wind serve to reinforce the themes of her work. She strives to create images which represent the exquisite strength and gracefulness of small, fragile pieces woven together into one cohesive body.

Her work may be seen at Connie Ulrich Studio in Huntsville, Alabama,; The Copper Fox Gallery in Franklin, Tennessee,; and My Happy Place Gallery in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the complexity and beauty of Cym's work in Kentuck's Museum Gallery.Sounds of the Grass will be on view in Kentuck's Museum Gallery until May 29, 2023. We encourage you to visit this show in person during our open hours of Monday-Friday, 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-4pm. Please call Kentuck at 205-758-1257 to inquire about purchasing Cym's awe-inspiring work.

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