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Folkstream by Coker: Jerry Coker Exhibition Recap

Updated: May 10, 2021

From April 1-May 2, 2021, Folkstream by Coker is on view in Kentuck's Museum Gallery. Jerry has been creating professionally for three decades. A native of Arkansas who now resides in Florida, Jerry Coker draws on his personal experiences of the past and the present to create his stunning mixed media work; this process and inspiration is what Jerry calls "The Folkstream."

"the folkstream: a stream of artistic melody that comes from within me. that's all i know to say about it."

Jerry's unique style of artistic communication explodes with exciting lines and colors. There is a sense of freedom with precision in Coker's work--the combination of narration from Jerry's life, his skill as an intuitive, self-taught artist, and the freedom he feels to create all work together to draw the viewer into Jerry's world.

Memories from Jerry's own experiences find their way onto canvas through acrylic paint; Mixed media sculptures represent people of different professions Jerry has met; People he knew growing up in Arkansas come to life in wood and tin masks. Known for his commemorative masks, Jerry has made hundreds of masks, pulling inspiration from characters in his childhood. When asked what inspired him to make the first mask, Jerry's quick wit comes out: "What inspired me to make the first mask was $50...They're considerably more than that now, I might add."

A Kentuck Festival of the Arts artist for approximately a decade in the 1990s, Jerry returned to the Festival in 2019. Folkstream by Coker will be on view in Kentuck's Museum Gallery until May 2, 2021. We encourage you to visit this show in person! We are currently open Monday-Friday, 9:30-5:30 and Saturday-Sunday, 12-4. Facial coverings required until May 12, 2021.

Available Work:

If you're interested in purchasing a piece from Folkstream, please contact or call (205)-758-1257 for more photos and details. Click on each image for a closer look.


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