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Welcome to Kentuck's New Website!

By Elayne Goodman

Our website is coming out of its shell! Here you'll find user-friendly information about all things Kentuck. This new website will help us better communicate with you and help Kentuck to continue to fulfill its mission statement: perpetuate the arts, engage the community, and empower the artist.

Notable new features:

E-Commerce: After much talk and a lot of planning, we're finally taking the plunge! In the Get Kentucked area of our website (under the "Gallery Shop" tab), you will find Kentuck merchandise you can order and have shipped to your door. Since this is the first time we're trying this out, we're starting with our Kentuck branded merchandise (T-shirts, stickers, and sweatshirts) before moving into anything one-of-a-kind. There's a lot of details here, y'all!

Blog: As you may have noticed, our blog (you're reading it now!) is now officially launched and located under the "News" tab on our website. This will be the location to check for all the latest Kentuck news and details about what we have going on here.

We hope this new website is a user-friendly experience for you moving forward. We plan to add more information in the coming weeks and we hope you enjoy the new e-commerce section!


Ashley Williams

Marketing Manager, Website Creator


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