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Life That Year: Amy McBroom Exhibition Recap

Gracing the walls of Kentuck's Satellite Gallery at Hotel Indigo is the subtle abstract work of Amy McBroom. An artist from Huntsville, Alabama, Amy McBroom has created a visual representation of her life during 2020.

"Days fluctuated between exuberance, frustration, laughter, fear, discovery, boredom, love, loneliness, happiness, yearning. Not knowing what combination each day would reveal--an unknown terrain we still grapple to navigate."

Painting abstract acrylics on stretched canvas, Amy McBroom is drawn to the common, simple nature of her materials. However "ordinary" these materials may be, Amy utilizes them to convey complex messages that bind humanity through color and brush strokes.

Her work depicts the internal conflicts created by navigating daily life among movements and structures and amidst cultures and priorities that communities use to define themselves. Amy translates these conflicts with shapes, colors, and space. In Life That Year, Amy strives to capture the juxtaposition of monotony and uncertainty of 2020.

"Life that year was many things. Expected. Unexpected. All held together with hope."

Recent shows and exhibitions include Panoply 2021, Monte Sano Arts Festival 2021, and Pursuits at Lowe Mill (2020). Currently, Amy exhibits with HAL Gallery in Lowe Hill, and her pieces are in private collections across the United States and Montreal, Canada.

Life that Year will be on view at Hotel Indigo Downtown Tuscaloosa until January 30, 2022. We encourage you to see this show in person! Interested in purchasing a piece from the show? Call Kentuck at 205-758-1257 or email

Available Work:

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