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June 2019: Kentuck Art Center & Events

June is packed with fun for both adults and kids!


(rain or shine! If there's rain, we'll just be indoors)

Museum Gallery: A Penny for Your Thoughts by Kevin Irwin      As a native Californian, Kevin has always been inspired by animals, color, and the perfect balance of artistic beauty she finds in nature. At age 18 she moved to Birmingham, Alabama and discovered a whole new world of inspiration. Historic architecture, the natural world of Southern plants, animals, and insects became a fascination and continue to be great passions. Her home and studio are both restored historic buildings in downtown Birmingham.      Irwin works in various mediums including flame-worked glass, ceramics, jewelry design and construction, pen and ink, and oil and watercolor paintings. Practicing in different mediums allows her to explore many styles, materials, textures, and dimensions. While she has attended some workshops, Irwin is primarily self-taught.      “If I had to define how my Art affects my life, I would say that it leads me to beauty, joy, and laughter, which I want to share with others. And it is the language I speak best. If my work inspires you to this, then we are on a journey together. That not only gives me great joy, but it makes it all worth it.”

Teer Gallery & Kentuck Gallery at Hotel Indigo: Observations in Oil, Featuring Mojo Weaver and John Kelley

About Mojo:      Mary Jean Crenshaw Weaver grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Influenced by family artists and with a great love for animals, “Mojo” recalls constantly drawing and coloring as a child. Her drawings of her favorite subject, her pet Schnauzer, were all over her house, at the state fair and etched on her desks at school. After receiving a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Alabama, Mojo realized that she had begun to neglect the dominant side of her brain--the creative one. She took art history classes, drawing with Al Sella, and painting workshops with David Leffel, Cheri Christensen, and Quiang Huang. Inspired by Tuscaloosa artists Jack Leigh and Evan Wilson, Mojo’s love of nature, animals, and the intimacy of simple settings grew into a passion for seeing light and shadows play across shapes and forms.      “I find an intimacy with the simplest of creatures and settings. When light falls across these subjects, I feel a spiritual sense of joy and am reminded of God’s creativity.”

About John: John’s very first gallery show was at the Kentuck Gallery in 1998. He also participated in the Kentuck Festival for over ten years. When asked about his work, John replies, "I paint so that I don't have to use words, and my favorite part of being an artist is watching the viewer respond to my work based on their own life experience.” John creates most of his work in an isolated studio hidden in a little wooded cove filled with the things he loves: toads, rabbits, fox, deer, woodpeckers, tree’s, family, Elwood (dog), chickens, and ducks… really loud ducks.

John has won many awards, including the Award of Excellence at the Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Exhibition in 2015, Grand Prize at the 11th annual Energen Art Competition in 2010, and Best of Show for the Alabama Pastel Society (Regional Show) in 2001.

Artists Studios: All twelve studio artists will have their studios open for browsing and buying.

Courtyard of Wonders: Enjoy live music by Jameson Hubbard and pop up shops from several local vendors, including caricature artist Kevin Van Hyning from Birmingham, Alabama.

Tuscaloosa Chess: Enjoy live chess matches in the courtyard! Anyone can play; all skill levels welcome!


Click HERE! for information about kids' summer camps.

There's Imagination & Enrichment, Canjo Making, and a few spots left in Clay Camp!



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