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Back to Nature: Silver Francis Exhibition Recap

Kentuck's Gallery at Hotel Indigo will host the vivid work of Silver Francis from April 28 to August 1,2022.

Silver Francis is a full-time fluid impressionist painter based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Silver is known for portraying her unique perceptions of the world through her work, often depicting scenes relating to animals, nature, and mortality. She studied fine art throughout her childhood, beginning to create award winning paintings at the age of eight.

“Nature, in all of her serene beauty and bewitching severity, has become my lifelong muse. Her depths are full of both wisdom and innocence, peace and endless mystery - a perfect contradiction.”

Growing up in Midwest Ohio, Silver's family placed a heavy emphasis on independent learning, the importance of art, and spending time outdoors. These early childhood experiences cultivated two passions for Silver--art and nature. As she began planning a career, Silver initially chose to pursue her passion for nature and received a degree in Environmental Science from the University of South Florida.

After graduation, Silver began a career in consulting; however, she still felt the compulsion to paint. In her free time, Silver kept creating and experimenting. Through social media, she began to realize that there were artists who created successful careers, and, at this time, she planned a move to Tuscaloosa and realized that now was the time to take a leap of faith to become a full time artist.

Silver uses a unique style of contemporary impressionism in which layered endless strokes of vibrant oil paint flow seamlessly into one another, slowly taking form to produce bold and alluring works of art.

Her work is bold and beautiful with a well balanced dichotomy between the overall serenity of the work and the intensity of color and brushstrokes.

Her images range from neon skulls to glowing mushrooms. Each done in a style that is uniquely Silver's and leaves the viewer ready for more. She especially enjoys bringing to life her impression of trees, where she uses her signature technique to accentuate the beauty in their many different types of bark. Silver also completed a series of endangered plants and animals.

Silver aspires to become a leader in the art community and is dedicated to continuing her career as a painter. Silver is currently a Kentuck Studio Artist, and her studio can be found in the Georgine Clarke Building on Kentuck's campus. She has exhibited at Art Basel in Miami, the Other Art Fair in Dallas, TX, and the Superfine Art Fair.

Back to Nature will be on view at Kentuck's Gallery at Hotel Indigo until August 1, 2022. We encourage you to see this show in person! Interested in purchasing a piece from the show? Call Kentuck at 205-758-1257 or email for more photos and purchasing information. Please click on an image for a closer look.

This exhibition is sponsored in part by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

Available Work:


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