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make your own blockheads
instructed by diana vest

Introducing "Blockheads" – Timeless Creations for Playful Souls! Immerse yourself in the charm of these whimsical characters crafted from antique blocks, some with a history spanning over a century! Each Blockhead is unique, assembled with care and creativity, featuring dangly arms and legs and enchanting faces. These little Blockheads aren't just for display – their swiveling heads and joints make them perfect for imaginative play. Perfect for children's bedrooms, shelf sitters, or bringing a touch of joy to offices, these one-of-a-kind Blockheads are designed to capture hearts and ignite the spirit of play in both young and old. Embrace the magic of handmade nostalgia with Blockheads – where history meets creativity, and each creation tells a story of its own.


All supplies are included for this workshop, so there is no need to bring any objects from home. Registration covers the cost of creating 4 Blockheads. However, if you would like to create more, you can pay the instructor $10 per additional blockhead.


This class is for all ages; however, participants 16 & under should be accompanied by an adult. This class has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16. If the class does not meet the minimum, participants will be refunded. All registrations are non-refundable after the registration deadline passes.

Please email Mary Bell, Program Director, at with any questions. 

Kentuck workshops are non-refundable after the registration closes. If you would like to cancel before the deadline passes, please email or call 205-758-1257. If the class does not meet the minimum by the registration deadline and the workshop is cancelled, all participants will be refunded their registration fees.

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Age Range:  All ages; 16 & under should be accompanied by an adult


-April 27, 2024

Time: 10 AM-12 PM

Location: Kentuck's Georgine Clarke Building

Tuition: $80; all supplies included

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This workshop is sponsored in part by the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. 


meet the instructor

Diana Vest

"My journey as an artist has been anything but ordinary. In 2016, a breast cancer diagnosis altered the course of my life. Following 13 surgeries in a single year, and a challenging recovery, I found solace and inspiration in creating something extraordinary – my first robot. I decided to call them “Junkyard Bots”. Leaving behind a 20 plus year career, I embarked on a new path fueled by creativity and whimsy. My artistic medium of choice? Antique treasures and the art of assemblage. Antique advertising tins with beautiful graphics, license plates, antique toys, old clocks, metal roller skates, and various vintage odds and ends to craft an array of unique creations. From whimsical robots and rocket ships to spaceships and ray guns, my imagination knows no bounds. I also fashion enchanting lamps, animals of all kinds, and even pet urns designed to cradle the ashes of beloved pets. Each piece I create is a custom work of art, and no two pieces are alike. In the last six years, I’ve created and sold over 650 of my Junkyard Bots to collectors all over the world. But what sets my art apart is its ability to tell your unique story. I specialize in custom designs that express the individuality of the person for whom I'm creating. Each piece is a personal reflection of your character, memories, and dreams. Accompanied by my Great Dane, Deacon, I've chosen a nomadic lifestyle, traveling across the country to share my creations at art shows. My art is a celebration of nostalgia, a reminder of simpler times when childhood memories were made with timeless toys. I specialize in crafting toys that harken back to the days of old-school simplicity – no electronics, no flashing lights, just durable and charming companions that transport us to a bygone era. I invite you to explore my world of artistic robots, lamps, and custom creations that express the uniqueness of the person they're made for. Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary artistic journey."

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