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festival archives

This is a collection of images and videos that have been collected at the Kentuck Festival throughout the years. This collection is continually growing and evolving. Check back soon!

2022 festival recap

Kentuck 2022 Billboard.jpg

2022 award winners


Athlone Clarke, Mixed Media


Luis E Gutierrez, Clay, G-04

Kendra Bennett, Mixed Media, H-05


Caleb Barnaby, Jewelry, K-07

Brinda Cockburn, Fiber, A-19

Joe Engel, Mixed Media, E-38

Brenda Gordon, Fiber, E-17

Jackie Haliburton, Two-Dimensional, B-07

Tom Henry, Wood, E-16

Joachim Knill, Two-Dimensional, G-01

Don McWhorter, Clay, A-06

Valton Murray, Mixed Media, H-18

Guadalupe Lanning Robinson, Clay, H-19

Lukuise Swanigan, Fiber, D-06

Tim Whitten, Clay, E-14

Kentuck Festival judges in 2022 were New York Times Writer Claudia Driefus and gallery owner Jeanine Taylor.

51st festival highlights

2021 festival recap

MOSAIC_Festival Dates_rgb.jpg

celebrating 50 years

2021 marked our 50th anniversary, and our first festival after the 2020 pivot to a virtual show. We had a lot to celebrate! Check out the recap video, peruse the highlights from the past 50 years, and check out the photos from the 50th Kentuck Festival of the Arts!

gallery: 50 years of kentuck

gallery: highlights from the 50th festival