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Kathryn Gage

Gallery at Hotel Indigo: April 30 - July 29

Living and working in Tuscaloosa, AL, Kathryn’s work references her graphic design background in composition and color while utilizing an illustrative style. She primarily paints female figures, often with a vintage twist, with the hope that her work will speak to people in a way that reminds them of themselves or someone they love. She hopes the viewer will see beyond the pretty facade and ponder "who" the subject really is from the inside-out.

“I strive to stick to painting what I want to paint and to feel truly connected to it versus painting for the masses and to match the furniture. Having said that, I think in order to be successful, you have to find a happy medium. Of course I want my work to enhance the space in which it hangs, and to play to a palette that is relevant from a design standpoint.”

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