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Sydney Gruber

Gallery at Hotel Indigo: August 1 - October 28

Sydney Gruber is a contemporary painter and mixed media creative. Sydney enjoys her role in what she sees as a modern day art renaissance and specializes in creating sublime meditation paintings beckoning motion and energy. Art is an experience, and Sydney encourages reaction from the onlooker—to stretch minds and encourage emotion through entrancing hues. As a devoted learner and student of life, she explores the relationship of releasing the internal into the external as well as the process of finding and losing oneself. When she is not creating in her Alabama studio, Sydney can be found traveling in the art festival circuit, developing new representation, or seeking collaborations with her community or other creatives.

Working with the Tuscaloosa County and City school systems, Sydney is as an ambassador for the future of the arts and frequently leads day-programs designed to empower young artists through the Artists in the Schools program. Continuing her hands-on learning endeavors, she currently instructs "Imagination & Enrichment" Kids' Camps—a program she designed to expand art education and develop self-expression through imagination.

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