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11 - Amy McBroom

November 3, 2021 - January 30, 2022

Amy McBroom is a southern painter greatly influenced by many years in the District of Columbia: the architecture, street grids, the beauty and tension of many neighborhoods and cultures living adjacent to each other, standing together on the subway, skylines, grids, daily lives and conversations. A look at how long-standing norms and change coexist.

I now live in my hometown, Huntsville "Rocket City" Alabama. A self-taught artist, my work pursues these influences through color relationships, the contrast and ease of shapes, and contrasting movements to convey pushing forward, pushing back, a quiet interlude or breaking free.

I begin with a blank canvas and follow my intuition, where creativity is taking me. When a painting is finished, it's exciting to see the piece that is revealed. This results in various abstract expressions and color palettes.

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