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2019 Staff Gift Picks

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the staff at Kentuck Art Center! Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but our Gallery Shop is filled with hundreds of handmade items from 180+ artists from across the country, so you're bound to find something here. For this blog post, we each picked a favorite item that would be a fantastic gift for the loved ones in your life.

As a bonus, our Gallery Shop's Santa Sale is December 18-22nd! This only happens once a year; everyone gets 10% off and members get 20% off. This extends to our online shop where we have t-shirts, stickers, and select handmade items. Enter code SANTA at checkout to get 10% off!

Amy's Pick:

This eye-catching designer necklace is simple enough to wear with most anything casual or dressy, lays nicely a few inches from the neck, and is easy to wear. It is made of sterling silver, brass, and copper with a pearl and gem accent. Amy met Roger and Renae from Designs by R&R at the 2018 Kentuck Festival of the Arts. They are a delight!

Sherri's Pick

These shot glasses by Prometheus Glassworks are functional, excellently crafted, and makes Sherri laugh every time she sees them! We have several of these shot glasses, but no two are exactly the same. Some have one eye and some have three eyes, but no matter how many eyes--they all glow in the dark.

Exa's Pick:

Exa picked the Orbix glassware as the perfect gift because it is not only beautiful, but functional. When she's buying for people who maybe don’t love to collect art (as she does), she looks for something that is also functional. When she gave these to a friend of the family, he was amazed at how beautiful hand-blown glass was. It opened up a whole new conversation about the process, the artist, and the importance of buying handmade goods. Now he shows it off every time he has a party!

Mary's Pick

Justin Rothshank's pottery is stunning, and, if we're being honest, Mary is obsessed with his work. She first came across his pottery when Justin and his wife Brooke were completing what they called "The Gratitude Project." Their goal was "uncovering gratefulness in the hope that steady joy will follow in response to the unpredictable world around us." We don't know about y'all, but steady joy is always welcome here! Bring a little extra joy to your morning (and midday) cup of joe with one of Justin's mugs.

Claire's Pick

At the Kentuck Festival of the Arts this year, Claire met Charlie Frye, the artist of this piece, and purchased a hand painted magnet. After meeting Charlie, you can see that his personality shines through his work. Not only is he a talented artist, but he also has the ability to make anyone feel like a friend. The vibrant colors and cheerful rooster are certain to brighten up any room. We love having Charlie as a part of the Kentuck family!

Ashley's Pick:

This piece is by Elayne Goodman from Columbus, Mississippi. Elayne is a retired longtime Kentuck Festival Artist who transforms anything she can get her hands on into beautiful pieces of art. She says, “If you don’t really love what you are doing you’re just spinning your wheels and making yourself old quickly.” Ashley hopes to take this advice throughout her life and career--and she hopes you will, too. This work in particular is a statement piece that will bring a burst of color to your home. And hey, it doesn't need to match your couch or that lamp your well-meaning Aunt Ida bought you. Art should match your soul, not your furniture.


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