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Christmas By Color: Kentuck's Gallery Shop Gift Guide

If you've ever been inside Kentuck's Gallery Shop, you know our walls are bursting with color! For this blog post, we rounded up some of the best pieces in our shop to help you give the gift of color this holiday season. Are you shopping for someone who already seems to have everything, or someone with a specific favorite color? Give the gift of handcrafted art!

When you shop with Kentuck, you are financially supporting living artists and keeping the Kentuck experience alive. Thank you for shopping small this holiday season!

We don't do dreary—so let's talk color:


Row A (left to right): Kusadama Ball by Jasmine Hocutt

Small Glass Dangles by Lawrence & Audrey Goldsmith

Glass Ornament by Heather Hepp of Little Sandy Glass

Row B (left to right): Two-Disc Kaleidoscope by Lawrence & Audrey Goldsmith

Face by Eric Legge

Small Painting created with found objects by Della Wells

Row C (left to right): Flamingo by Bebo

Flamingo Rider by Pat Juneau

Recycled Sweater Ice-Cream Cone Ornament by Véronique Vanblaere


Row A (left to right): Sushi Plate by Joni Esser-Stuart

Swirl Ornament by Chris McCarthy

"Cracker's Chasin' Granny's Chickens" by Jim Weaver

Row B (left to right): Bud Vase by Orbix Hot Glass

"Butterfly" by Anthony Tavis

"Shutup and Fish" by Dr. Bob

Row C (left to right): Small Covered Casserole by Jill Tortorella

"See Star" by Betsy Youngquist

Sugar Bowl by Layl McDill


Row A (left to right): "Got Da Blues" by Sam Sullivan

Dark Blue Vase by Marysia Galbraith

Hand-painted Single Switch Plate by Veronique Vanblaere

Row B (left to right): Carved Plate by Timothy Weber

Origami Butterfly by Jasmine Hocutt

Chameleon Ring by Megan Austin

Row C (left to right): Collage Card by Della Wells

Abstract Shattuckite Bracelet by Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

Recycled Wine Bottle Earrings by Steve Smith


Row A (left to right): Owl Ring by Megan Austin

Untitled Painting by Jerry Coker

"Gator Musician" by Pat Juneau

Row B (left to right): Glass Ornament by Chris McCarthy

"Happy" by Veronique Vanblaere

Oval Trinket Dish by Doris Blum

Row C (left to right): Sugar Jar by Margaret Barber

Mermaid Earrings by Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

Large Serving Platter by Marysia Galbraith


Row A (left to right): Bumblebee, Jasper, and Silver Earrings by Megan Austin

"Farm Animals" by Susan Shoemaker

Ginkgo Necklace by Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

Row B (left to right): Glitzy 50th Anniversary Pin

Bee Pendant by Ricky Boscarino

"Honey Bees Matter" by Debra Riffe

Row C (left to right): "Purity" by Sydney Gruber

Candy Dishes by Joni Esser-Stuart

Wedding Garden Party Bracelet by Jean Upton


Row A (left to right): City People Box by Rik Long

Prints by Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Hand-painted Quadruple Switch Plate by Veronique Vanblaere

Row B (left to right): Cheese Plate by Joni Esser-Stuart

Large Orange Flower by Pat Juneau

Swirl Ornament by Chris McCarthy

Row C (left to right): "Planet Necklace" by Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

Glass Tumblers by Orbix

"Apocalypse Gourd" by Teresa Wamble


Row A (left to right): Ceramic Classic Santa by Kathy McPhearson

Leather Sketchbook by Sara Dismukes

Red Bottle by Thomas Spake

Row B (left to right): Large Heart Eye Necklace by Betsy Youngquist

Ceramic Steins by Timothy Weber

Alabama Santa Ornament by Susan Allen

Row C (left to right): Chicken Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio

Christmas Recycled Wine Bottle Pendants by Steve Smith

"Young's Jersey Dairy" by Tricia Stanson

want to shop in store?

Kentuck's Gallery Shop is open 9:30am-5:30pm Monday through Friday, and 12:00pm-4:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

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