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Kentuck's Ultimate Gift Guide

Still shopping for your loved ones? We've rounded up our favorite gifts for each price point to help out! Check out the lists below to find one-of-a-kind gifts that they're sure to love. When you finalize your purchase, know that you're not only supporting Kentuck, but you're also supporting an artist which each purchase, no matter how large!

$25 and under

We believe in accessible art! Gift these affordable gifts as stocking stuffers or stand-alone presents, and don't forget to snag something for yourselfthese price points make it possible.

Check out our 30 under $30 gift guide for more affordable options!

First Row: Alabama Tea Towels by Catstudio, Soy Candles by Yellowhammer Candle Co, Compacts by Sydney Gruber

Second Row: Christmas Pendants by Steve Smith, Alabama Elephant Ornament by Susan Allen, Be Kind, Do Good Pendants by Steve Smith

Third Row: Glass Studs by A&L Goldsmith, Spoon Rests by Carol Lammon

Fourth Row: Angel Ornament by Carol Lammon, 3 Piece Elephant Puzzle by Chestnut and Hemlock, Raku Earrings by Kayla Moring

$40 and under

If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, check out this list! From mugs to paintings to handsewn stuffed animals, there's something for everyone.

First Row: 4x4 Paintings by Sydney Gruber, Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio, Small Alabama Puzzle by Chestnut and Hemlock

Second Row: Napkin Rings by Carol Lammon, Double Light Switch Plates by Veronique Vanblaere, Raku Heart Trinket Dishes by Corinne Cox

Third Row: Chicken Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio, Brush People by Kimberly Dawn Crowder, Chess Queens by Sydney Gruber

Fourth Row: Botanical Earrings by Suzanne and Angelique Juneau, Trinket Dishes by Carol Lammon

Fifth Row: Masked Ug-Chugs by Nelson Studio, Mini Churches by Andrew McCall, Rice Bowls by Marysia Galbraith

Sixth Row: Ceramic Steins by Timothy Weber, Galactic Pendants by Sam Cornman, Stuffed Dinosaurs by Caren Matukas

$50 and under

These unique gifts are sure to delight any recipient! From practical items to those to add some beauty to your routine, this collection has something for everyone.

First Row: Monster Shot Glasses by Prometheus Glass, Kentuck Necklaces by Kerry Leasure, Hair Forks by Flannel and Floral

Second Row: Face Jug by Ned Berry, Purity by Sydney Gruber, Mugs by Jill Torterella

Third Row: Dragons by Layl McDill, Glass Bracelets by Joni Esser-Stuart

Fourth Row: Vase by Marysia Galbraith, Maple Charcuterie Board by David Patterson, Moonstone Earrings by Megan Austin

$75 and under

First Row: 2 Door Church by Andrew McCall, Bread Dish by Carol Lammon, Larimar Starfish Studs by Megan Austin

Second Row: Oval Trinket Dish by Doris Blum, Candy Machines by Walnut Hill Woodworks, Square Highball Glass by Loretta Eby

Third Row: Wine/Utensil Baskets by Jill and Mickey Miller, Cowskull Painting by Anthony Tavis, Elephant Platter by Kerry Kennedy

Fourth Row: Bloomers by Sam Sullivan, Fishbone Earrings by Ricky Boscarino, Candy Dish by Joni Esser-Stuart

Fifth Row: Multicolored Utility Basket by Jill and Mickey Miller, Silver Circle and Pearl Cross Earrings by Betsy Meyers Green

Sixth Row: Mugs by Peter Karner, Born to be Wild by Scott McQueen

$100 and under

Up your serving game with the pitcher, caddy, or serving tray in this collection, or give something for their walls! These whimsical pieces are simply stunning.

First Row: Sun Bear by Susan Shoemaker, Woodpecker Alabama Tray by Carol Lammon, Catchin' Lightning Bugs by Jim Weaver

Second Row: Yarn Bowls by Jill Tortorella, Ginkgo Leaf Earrings by Sarah Cavender, Hand Ring by Ricky Boscarino

Third Row: Teal Pitcher by Timothy Weber, 4 Footed Jar by Jill Tortorella, Crochet Circle Earrings by Sarah Cavender

Fourth Row: Caddy by Jill Tortorella, 4 Door Church by Andrew McCall

$100 and above

If there's more room in your budget, we recommend one of these pieces! From pottery to an angel painted on tin to a delicately sculpted hummingbird pendant, these items are sure to wow your loved ones.

First Row: Stitched Corset by Hayes Dobbins, Crow Gourd by Teresa Wamble, Angel on Tin by Scott McQueen

Second Row: Yellow Serving Platter by Jill Tortorella, Barrel O' Monkeys Necklace by Ricky Boscarino, Tomatoes by Marian Baker

Third Row: Sushi Plate by Joni Esser-Stuart, Hummingbird Broach and Pendant by Megan Austin, Green Serving Bowl with Handles by Jill Tortorella,

Fourth Row: The Minimalist by Sydney Gruber, Yellow Glass Vase by Orbix

Fifth Row: Royal Conifer Earrings by Kate Rothra Fleming, Bluebird of Happiness by Marian Baker

Sixth Row: Yellow Serving Bowl with Handles by Jill Tortorella, Planet Necklace by Suzanne and Angelique Juneau

$200 and above

This collection boasts everything from wire sculpture, delicately beaded jewelry and sculpture, and a functional lazy susan. Indulge and treat your loved ones (or yourself!) to one of these incredible pieces.

First Row: Black Cat by Josh Cote, Lazy Susan by Carol Lammon, See Star by Betsy Youngquist

Second Row: Rabbits by Michael Banks, Biwa Pearl and Peridot Necklace by Megan Austin, Preying Mantis Pin by Ricky Boscarino

Third Row: Flower Eye Necklaces by Betsy Youngquist, Filet Crochet Dish by Carol Lammon, Nativity Platter by Carol Lammon

Fourth Row: Oval Sugar Bowl by Layl McDill, Specimen #25 by Betsy Youngquist

Fifth Row: Serving Boat by Peter Karner, Midnight Garden Bracelet by Jean Upton

We hope that these collections brought someone to mind for your gift-giving! Remember, when you shop Kentuck in-store or online, you aren’t only getting a one-of-a-kind piece of art, you're also financially supporting living artists and keeping the Kentuck experience alive. Thank you!

Shop online:

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Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30 and Saturday & Sunday 12-4

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