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30 Gifts Under $35 - 2021 gift guide

The holidays are rapidly approaching, which means gift-giving season is upon us! This time of year can be stressful as people try to shop for gifts, but we're here to ease that stress. These selections from the Kentuck Gallery Shop are affordable, but even more importantly they'll bring joy to those you love.

Kentuck Merch

Of course, the first thing to come to mind for a Kentuck fan’s Christmas gift would be Kentuck themed presents! We have tons of Kentuck merchandise to choose from for that special someone in your life. We have mugs, ornaments, puzzles, magnets, postcards, and apparel.

Origami Butterflies by Jasmine Hocutt

Folded by local artist Jasmine Hocutt, these wonderfully whimsical insects will grace wherever you choose to let them fly. They even make a fantastic tree ornament!

Hand-Carved Cups by Timothy Weber

Both stylish and rustic, you would be hard-pressed to find a kitchen or dining area these cups can’t compliment!

Small and Large Glass Dangles by L&A Goldsmith

Kaleidoscopic, hand-cut glass reflects light gorgeously through the earrings by Lawrence and Audrey Goldsmith. Available in both small and large sizes, bring some color and brightness to yours and everyone else's day with these uniquely radiant pieces.

Wine Bottle Pendants by Steve Smith

Recycling protects the environment, but nobody ever seems to mention that it makes outstanding accessories as well! These pendants, which Steve Smith creates from recycled wine bottles, make amazing gifts for your jewelry lovers—check out these wonderful cat, landscape, or tree styles!

Prints by Amos Paul Kennedy

Walls may not be able to talk by themselves, but Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.’s straightforward, yet striking, prints can help with that. These make great gifts for anyone looking to decorate their home with southern twang and wit.

Single Hand-Painted Light Switches by Veronique Vanblaere

Light switches tend to come and stay monotone, so help someone you know freshen theirs up with some color!

Wooden Puzzles by Chestnut and Hemlock

These puzzles make an excellent distraction for a seasoned puzzle-solver or a great starting point for someone new to the hobby.

Spoon Rests by Carol Lammon

Spoons tend to get dipped in messy things, so why not prevent the ensuing mess in style? Carol Lammon’s ceramics catch drips and are dishwasher safe, making a perfect gift for a busy cook.

Butt Naked Candles

Candles of any sort accentuate the holidays, but hand-made Alabamian candles do it even better! Whether for ambiance or fragrance, these simple and elegant soy candles make excellent gifts.

Mint Tin Ornaments by Veronique Vanblaere

Tis’ the season of giving, and the ultimate gift this holiday season are these handmade ornaments by Veronique Vanblaere.

Wine Bottle Earrings by Steve Smith

Earrings can be small and discrete, but where’s the fun in that. Steve Smith’s wine bottle earrings are funky in just the right ways and can make a groovy soul’s day this gift-giving season.

Alabama Tea Towels by Catstudio

Why not help someone remember home with these towels that reminisce about the Heart of Dixie itself! With original designs by Catstudios, any Alabama enthusiast would love this addition to their kitchen.

Raku Earrings by Kayla Moring

Raku is a unique Japanese style of pottery made by firing clay at low temperatures and rapidly cooling it. Kayla Moring adapts this style to her earrings. They’re eye-catching, yet lowkey, striking a balance that can be added to any jewelry case.

Small Glass Earrings by Kate Rothra Flemings

Kate Rothra Fleming understands that sometimes your outfits need a splash of color, and

these earrings will do just that! Bring some fun to someone you love’s wardrobe.

Raku Heart Dishes by Corrine Cox

Love is everywhere, in every shape and form imaginable. With that in mind, these lovely

dishes make perfect sense. We encourage you to offer them to someone you love this

season as a gift!

Cards by Della Wells

Sometimes people don’t need gifts, but instead they need heartfelt words. These cards are the perfect vessels for messages that loved ones need to hear this holiday season.

Secret Boxes by Heartwood Creations

Whether or not you have something to hide, these amazing wooden boxes offer a chic way of storing jewelry or anything else!

Left Hand Soap Eye-Cream

You can give someone the gift of excellent skin this holiday with Left Hand Soap Company’s products, a company out of Birmingham, Alabama making natural healthcare products. We have coffee under eye cream!

Compact Mirrors by Sydney Gruber

Of course your mirror is going to reflect something gorgeous, but why not have your compact mirror be the talk of the town itself! These hand-painted compacts by Sydney Gruber are the perfect addition to someone’s purse or carry-on.

Origami Candy Canes

Not quite edible, these cute ornaments make perfect additions to any Christmas tree.

Brush People by Kimberly Dawn Crowder

These brush people are fascinating, and make phenomenal small decorations and conversation starters. They’re perfect gifts for those with a taste of the eccentric.

Napkin Rings by Carol Lammon

Keeping a kitchen tidy is a tough task, but these napkin holders go above and beyond by

leaving an impression on anyone who sees them.

Kitchen Tools forged by Al Stephens

Gifts aren’t just for looking pretty, and these rugged kitchen tools prove that form and function go hand in hand.

Tops by Chestnut and Hemlock

There’s no better stocking stuffer than these elegant tops by Chestnut and Hemlock. The

captive ring tops spin for what feels like an eternity, and bring simple joy any time they’re spun.

Origami Swans by Jasmine Hocutt

Colorful, clean, and elegant, Jasmine Hocutt painstakingly folds paper into these breathtaking birds. These excellently highlight shelves and coffee tables, making great gifts.

Chestnut and Hemlock Wooden Magnets

These magnets make excellent accents to your fridge. Easy, affordable gifts that anyone can appreciate.

Nelson Studios Ug-Chugs

Who doesn’t want to drink from a mug as zany as Nelson Studios’ Ug-Chugs? A light-hearted gift for someone who loves both their coffee and their laughs.

Suzanne and Angelique Juneau Earrings

Metal earrings featuring designs that are floral, abstract, and figurative—these can

match any person’s outfit and needs.

Sydney Gruber Abstracts

These small abstract canvases make excellent additions to book cases or displays, inviting with their wonderfully colorful faces.

Hopefully we've been able to inspire you during this oh-so festive season. Kentuck supports local and independent artists, so any gifts you buy for your loved ones not not only puts a smile on their face, but one on a creator's too. From Kentuck to you, have a wonderful holiday!

Shop in person:

503 Main Avenue, Northport, AL,

Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30 and Saturday & Sunday 12-4



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