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Mugshot Monday

Whether or not you're a Monday person, I think we can all agree that a good cup of coffee or tea can turn a Monday morning into a magnificent morning! The only thing that can take that morning beverage up a notch? The perfect mug, of course. Luckily, we're here to help. Kentuck's Gallery Shop carries mugs by several artists ⁠— take a look below and find your new favorite!


Each one has unique features and personality! Get a singleton, a matching set, or a whole gaggle for your girlfriends ⁠— the world is your oyster.

Peter Karner Mugs

These mugs by Peter Karner are simply stunning. Guaranteed to elevate the simplest beverage.

Timothy Weber Mugs & Steins

Timothy Weber, a former Kentuck Studio Artist, creates beautiful functional work. These are excellent mugs for everyday use! For those serious about their beverage intake, Timothy also creates a larger stein version.

Justin Rothshank Mugs

These mugs are thrown and then fired multiple times to achieve the decal & gold layers. In addition to being beautiful, the imagery of poppies on these mugs is meant to signify peace, which is always a good reminder to have!

We hope these mugs inspire you to bring a piece of art into your everyday routine! Have a favorite mug you've gotten from Kentuck? We'd love to see it--be sure to drop a picture in the comments!

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