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Perfect Presents for Your Friends' Personality Types

We all have them--the friends, family members, or coworkers who are just impossible to buy gifts for! Whether you're buying for someone who seems to have everything or someone who's just a little quirky, we're here to help! To help alleviate some of the gift-choosing stress, check out our gift guides below for different personality types.

The Creative

These gifts have been chosen with the free spirit in mind! These pieces are sure to enhance a creative's space and to inspire. Check out the list below this photo for direct product links.

Tentacle Airplant Terrarium by Prometheus Glass

Steve Smith Pendants

Candy Machine by Walnut Hill Woodworks

Flowers No. 2 by Kunkle

Artsy Necklace by Debra Farley

The Host(ess) with the Most(est)

Parties, game nights, dinners galore! These gifts have been chosen for your favorite host or hostess.

Napkin Rings by Carol Lammon

Pitcher by Kerry Kennedy

Alabama Tray by Carol Lammon

Charcuterie Board by Chestnut & Hemlock

Candy Dishes by Joni Esser-Stuart

The Minimalist

The Minimalist likes to purchase meaningful objects--whether they are purely functional, small, or give back in some type of way, these objects embody a minimalist lifestyle.

Herb Choppers by Al Stephens

Alabama Cutting Board by Ed Bladen

A Gift Card (to Kentuck's Gallery Shop!)

A Donation or Membership in Their Name

The Fierce Fashionista

Do you have a friend who is always dressed like they could walk the runway at any time? Do you constantly wish you could raid their closet? Y'all, we know several of those stylin' people, and they love these designers.

Scarves by Kate Beck

Squiggle Snake Necklace by Sarah Cavender

Fish Bone Earrings by Ricky Boscarino

Squiggle Earrings by Ricky Boscarino

Bracelet by Suzanne & Angelique Juneau

The Funky Friend

Alright, we all have those people in our lives. You know, the ones who are just (a little) quirky. We think these gifts are perfect for the people don't color inside the lines!

Screwballs by Corinne Cox

Monster Ornaments by Prometheus Glass

A Face Jug by Ned Berry

Horse Sculpture by Peter Dragon

Dragon Hand Vessels by Corinne Cox

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