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Staff Picks

Happy holidays from the staff at Kentuck Art Center! Holiday shopping can be overwhelming, but our Gallery Shop is filled with hundreds of handmade items from 180+ artists from across the country, so you're bound to find something here. Our six full-time staff members & three interns are already dreaming about what we could choose from the Gallery Shop for our holiday shopping. Check out our staff picks below!

Amy's Pick- Kate Beck's Red Dress & Scarf

Amy, Kentuck's Executive Director, picked this gorgeous red dress and scarf by New Orleans artist Kate Beck. Kate is one of the premier fabric designers in the United States, and we're so fortunate to have her as a featured Gallery Shop artist this month. Amy says, "I have several pieces by Kate Beck in my wardrobe, and each time I wear one I get so many compliments! The fabric is so luxurious... I love any chance to show it off!"

Kate currently has a collection of scarves, kimonos, and dresses in our Gallery Shop. For inquiries, please contact our shop.

Need a gift for the 'ole ball and chain? Exa, Kentuck's Director of Operations, suggests a literal ball and chain! This piece, by Corrine Cox, is a raku sphere and comes with its own stand. Be sure to give it a shake for the complete experience.

Sherri, Kentuck's Director of Experiences, chose a preying mantis pin by New Jersey artist Ricky Boscarino. An artist herself, Sherri's style is already colorful. She loves to add a pin to her lapel to add some extra flair. What better than a preying mantis pin? We love this little guy!

Mary, our Gallery Shop Manager, chose these lamps by Flannel & Floral. When asked why, she said, "I love the warm glow of these lamps. Believe me, I've been temped to keep one of these "in storage" in my office, but have resisted! Can't you just imagine flipping this switch and opening a good book?"

Claire's Pick- Flowers by Kunkle

Claire, Kentuck's Office Manager, says, "Giving someone flowers is a nice gesture, but I appreciate it when people get a little creative--why not send a flower painting instead?"

Ashley, Kentuck's Marketing Manager, encourages you to think differently this holiday season. She says, "Now, I know that this piece is certainly an atypical Christmas gift, but it's one of my favorite pieces in the shop and I can't wait to see it go to a good home. I wouldn't gift it to just anybody; it would have to go to someone I knew would appreciate a piece like this. Somebody please buy it before I give it to myself as a Christmas present!"

Sawyer, one of our three interns, picked this freestanding fish sculpture by Barry Graham. Sawyer says, "A resourceful, improper use of functional material, the tethered fish-dude is roughly suitable for anything."

Peri, one of our three fabulous interns, picked this little llama by Birmingham artist Susan Shoemaker. This llama is on a 4x4" canvas and is small enough to fit just about anywhere--and that's part of why Peri loves it. Peri says, "Students don't typically have a ton of space for large art pieces because we're living in tiny dorms and we move almost every year. This piece is so cute and it would be a great addition to any student's decor!"

Jonathan, our head intern, picked this funky horse sculpture by Peter Dragon. Not for the faint of heart, this freestanding sculpture is sure to be a conversation starter. Stop horsin' around and buy it already!

We hope one (or more) of these pieces made you smile and think of someone you know! Interested in any of these pieces? Follow the links to our online shop ( or give us a call at 205-758-1257. Happy shopping!



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