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The ART of "Sparking Joy:" 7 Pieces To Refresh Your Home For Spring

Winter is over, and spring is finally here! Springtime is often connected to the ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, and renewal. For many, the arrival of spring is the catalyst for deep cleaning (hello, Marie Kondo!) and redecorating their homes. When you reorganize your home, a great way to finish and get that fresh-start-feeling is to get a few new pieces of decor (that you absolutely LOVE) to liven up your walls--but wait! Don't run to Target for mass produced home decor everyone else has. There are plenty of artists that make one of a kind pieces that will bring life to your home for years and years to come. Buying from local makers supports small businesses, which is great, but just think--you're not only purchasing that piece, you're gaining a part of that artist's life: their trials, their story, and the many hours they spent developing their craft. The one of a kind pieces you choose to bring into your life are sure to start conversation and make a house your home.

Luckily for you, we know where you can get some great art!

Located both online and in the heart of Downtown Northport, our Gallery Shop is a year-round retail space that represents approximately 180 artists from around the country, and 60% of those are local to Alabama. With your purchase, you'll not only be getting a unique piece of art, but you'll also be financially supporting living artists and perpetuating the endeavors of Kentuck Art Center and Festival.

Ready to spark joy?

Here's a few pieces from Kentuck's Gallery Shop personally recommended by our shop manager, Mary Bell. Interested in any of these items? You can find details, item dimensions, and purchasing information here, or by clicking the name of each piece.

A vivid multimedia piece, these flowers are guaranteed to bring color to your home!

We simply adore the simplicity of these two dancers. They bring an elegance to the space they inhabit!

These vases feel like spring to us! Read more about Justin and his process here.

These flowers would look fantastic on a mantle or in a sun room. They have hanging mechanisms on the back, or you can lean them up against a wall as seen here. They're sure to be a focal point of the room.

5. Table and Chair by Pat Juneau

If we could decorate our entire space with Pat Juneau's work for spring, we would. These colors are giving us all the sunshine vibes.

A beautiful piece by Festival Artist Theresa Gloster who is a self-taught memory artist. Her paintings chronicle her childhood years in North Carolina.

This glass terrarium is created by Dale Strand of Prometheus Glassworks in Memphis, TN. The airplant is real and comes with care instructions. Perfect for a little ledge or top of a bookcase!

There you have it--a few ways to refresh your home with one of a kind art. If you're local, please remember that we offer in store pick up for any of these items. Happy Spring!



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