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process art 18+
led by molly nelko

Process Art is art that is self-directed, choice-driven, and celebrates the experience of discovery. In process art, the final product is always unique, and the focus lies in the creation of the work, not the outcome. So much of our lives are focused on coloring within the lines and working towards a specific end. The “no touching” atmosphere that surrounds art can make art seem distant and cold.

Process art helps to combat both these issues, it encourages creative, independent thought and helps to dissipate the feeling of “I can’t do that” when it comes to art. Process art is incredibly soothing and a GREAT source of learning self-regulation. While this approach to the art process seems so simple, we are learning a lot!

Everything from what materials are available, the limitations and use of those materials, as well as cause and effect... our minds are at work during this time.


Molly Nelko will be there to answer any questions and guide you as needed. This class will be held the first and second Saturday of the month from 1-2pm.

This class is open to ages 18 and up. There is a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 14. If the minimum is not met, participants will be refunded. 



Age Range: 18+

August Dates:

Session A: August 5,Registration Closed

Session B: August 12, 1-2 pm

Location: Kentuck's Studio 2 (look for the double blue doors behind Rusty the red dog!)

Tuition: $15All supplies will be included

Generic Process Art 18 Q3.jpg

Please email Molly Nelko, Program Assistant,  at with any questions. 

Kentuck workshops are non-refundable after the registration closes. If you would like to cancel before the deadline passes, please email or call 205-758-1257. If the class does not meet the minimum by the registration deadline and the workshop is cancelled, all participants will be refunded their registration fees.

Meet the Instructor

Molly Nelko

A native of Mobile, AL, Molly Nelko has joined Kentuck’s staff as our Programming Assistant! She attended Springhill College and received a BA in fine art with a focus on oil painting and printmaking. Her work has been in individual exhibitions from Portland, OR to Hilton Head SC, and can be found online. Molly currently lives in Tuscaloosa with her husband, three children, and cat Quill. She has experimented with many different forms of art, and some of her favorites are encaustic, tessellations, and ink wash. Molly currently works in her studio regularly, but her focus has become more about enjoying creative projects with her children.

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This workshop is sponsored in part by the Alabama State Council on the Arts.

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