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Martha Beadle

Kentuck's Gallery at Hotel Indigo, February 2-April 26, 2022

Born and raised in Florence, Alabama, artist Martha Beadle has been creating her fiber art for more than 20 years. Her strong connection with family, community, church, and the music of Muscle Shoals have profoundly influenced her work. Beadle began to create artistically while she was at home with her children in 2000. A needle pointer by hobby, Beadle used her time at home to explore her voice as an artist.

Beadle has cultivated a distinctive style of her folk art fiber creations. Typically, a quotation is stitched to the background with a central figure, typically a person or animal, in the foreground. Accented with various buttons, jewelry, and knickknacks, Beadle’s needlework comes to life with her unique techniques. Each piece begins with the quotation and develops from that starting point.

Martha’s one-of-a-kind creations range from inspirational to inspired by pop culture and current events. Martha has shown at the Kentuck Festival of the Arts, the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art, the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts, and more. Her work resides in private collections across the United States and internationally.

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