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Silver Francis

Kentuck's Gallery at Hotel Indigo, April 28-August 1, 2022

Silver Francis is a full-time fluid impressionism painter based out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She studied fine art throughout her childhood, beginning to create award winning paintings at the age of eight and going on to explore its various themes and mediums through years of independent art education. Upon entering the professional art scene in 2019, Silver has displayed her work in galleries and shows throughout Florida and is now an internationally selling artist working out of her home studio in Tuscaloosa. Silver is known for portraying her unique perceptions of the world through her work, often depicting scenes relating to animals, nature, and mortality. In reference to her art, Silver describes that “Nature, in all of her serene beauty and bewitching severity, has become my lifelong muse. Her depths are full of both wisdom and innocence, peace and endless mystery - a perfect contradiction.” Drawing inspiration from her greatest muse, Silver captures her fascinating view of nature in endless strokes of vibrant oil paint. Over years of experimentation, she has developed a unique style of contemporary impressionism in which layered paint strokes flow seamlessly into one another, slowly taking form to produce bold and alluring works of art. She especially enjoys bringing to life her impression of trees, where she uses her signature technique to accentuate the beauty in their many different types of bark. Silver aspires to become a leader in the art community and is dedicated to continuing her career as a painter.

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