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10 holiday gifts under $25

Face it, budgets can be tight around the holidays, and we get that! Kentuck's Gallery Shop has many items for under $25 that are unique, handmade pieces of art that won't break the bank. Featured items and more can be found at our online shop.

1. Ceramic houndstooth ornament by Susan Allen

Great for any Crimson Tide fan, these ornaments were made by Susan Allen, one of our Red Dog Potters. Made on Kentuck's campus. Roll Tide!

2. Weed Vases by Neely Portera

The description on these sweet little vases reads, "Nothing will ever replace the feeling of receiving a small bouquet of weeds picked by tiny loving hands for his mother. This vase was inspired by my precious son JB." A heartwarming little happy for teachers, moms, and grandmas. Bonus points if you add a few buds to the vase before gifting. Locally made in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

3. Cuddly Kittens by Caren Metukas

These stuffed and hand-sewn kittens are made locally in Birmingham, Alabama! Did we mention that the materials are sourced from recycled sweaters and the wool is organic? All the more reason to gift one (or two) to the little ones or cat lovers in your life.

4. Shimmery Earrings by A&L Goldsmith

Audrey and Lawrence Goldsmith are a husband and wife team in Columbus, Ohio. These earrings are one of many pieces by A&L Goldsmith in our shop. Fall in love with these earrings and then come to Kentuck to see their amazing kaleidoscopes. P.S. We know it's hard to tell, but these are made from shimmery glass that changes with the light. Several styles available.

5. Love Big By Bebo

Bebo has been a Kentuck Festival Artist for two years. From Kingston Springs, TN, his joy is evident in his work and will brighten up any home. This wooden heart is ready to hang on your wall!

6. Alabama Bicentennial Pastport

In 2019, Alabama is celebrating its 200th birthday! This little book is crammed full of interesting folk lore, stories, and facts about Alabama. Travel with this and have it stamped in multiple locations around the state. We hear that if you collect every stamp, you'll be entered to win a prize from the official Alabama Bicentennial office. Perfect for history buffs, travelers, and those wanting to know a little bit more about Alabama the Beautiful. Alabama only turns 200 once, so pick up your copy of this official book today.

7. Treble Clef Earrings by Copper Creations

These dainty earrings are made by Seattle artist Sarah Henderson. They are made from repurposed electrical wire and clear-coated so that they won't tarnish. The earwires are 100% sterling silver. Looking for a different shape or style? Give us a call at 205-758-1257.

8. Small Ceramic Trays by Doris Blum

Doris hand presses leaves found in her yard and beautifully incorporates them into her work. These little trays could be used for just about anything, from holding a few knick knacks to a soap dish. Doris is a member of Kentuck's Red Dog Potters, so this work was made right here on Kentuck's campus in Historic Downtown Northport, Alabama.

9. Ceramic Alabama Leaf Ornament by Susan Allen

Handmade by Susan Allen, one of Kentuck's Red Dog Potters. These ornaments are in the shape of the state of Alabama and feature hand-pressed leaf impressions. These ornaments could be displayed year round!

10. Leaf Dish by Carol Lammon

Your holiday house guests won't want to leaf your home when you have this in your collection! Handmade by Carol Lammon, one of Kentuck's Red Dog Potters. Here's what Carol had to say about this piece: "This small dish is imprinted with a leaf of the Chestnut Oak, a member of the White Oak family. It is native to the eastern United States from Maine to Alabama. This particular leaf fell from a tree in Kentuck Park."

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Northport, Kentuck Art Center's Gallery Shop is a year-round retail space that represents approximately 180 artists from around the country, and 60% of those are local to Alabama. With your purchase, not only are you getting a unique piece of art, you're also financially supporting living artists and perpetuating the endeavors of Kentuck Art Center and Festival.

Are you local? We have even more gifts for under $25 in our shop. Swing by to check them out!



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