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"shifting inertia" by ardith goodwin: exhibition recap

Kentuck's Museum Gallery has been transported to the wonderful, imaginatively colorful Land of Ardithian. Ardith Goodwin's exhibition, Shifting Inertia, showcases the energies within her children's book project, will be on display through June 1, 2024.

Ardith has built her professional career as a self taught fine art painter for the past 20 years. The former elementary school teacher turned to creativity as part of her treatment plan when she had to retire due to physical challenges. 

"I became committed to the act of moving through the world creatively tapped in."

Ardith considers this exhibition to be a dual showa contemporary exhibition showcasing her fascination with energy, and a visual depiction of the children's book she is writing about a fictional universe named the Land of Ardithian. The title of her show Shifting Inertia considers the dissonance between the tendency to resist change and the desire to move forward, and how energy can move us forward and continue to move us forward despite the challenges we face.

"I believe that energy flows through us, from us, and around us....I gave myself permission imaginatively to say in the Land of Ardithian 'what if we could see the energy.'"

The paintings are all tied to Ardith's fascination with complex systems, dynamic movement, and color narrative. While every painting can stand alone, each one is a different form of energy that exists in the Land of Ardithian.

The color, forms, and over the top complex structure of Ardith's work are very specific to the lands with in her book. The paintings take you on a journey from a super tech world in the City of Binary Buttons to a land ruled by King Baby III, where the inhabitants have baby bodies but adult brains in Bubblebubbleoria.

She describes her book and her paintings as, "deliciously odd in an Ardithian way."

Ardith uses a lot of geographical elements when naming her paintings. Dolphinlandia Energy is named after the coastal city of Dauphin Island, and Zydeco Energy was inspired by her husband, who is originally from New Orleans.

“My deep desire is that as you view each piece, your wall experience becomes one of not only understanding the flow of energy, but also the dynamic sense of movement and complexity. Those elements, paired with an imaginary sense of wonder, are applied as if we could visually see different types of energy and how we would move through the atmosphere with energy vision.”

Be sure to come by Kentuck Museum Gallery and talk a stroll through the 'deliciously odd' Land of Ardithian. Interested in reading the stories that accompany these works? Penwondertive, the first installment of the book series that takes place in the Land of Ardithian, will be launched in paperback in August of this year. Kentuck's Gallery Shop is open Monday through Friday 9:00am-5:00pm and Saturday and Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm.

Please call Kentuck at 205-758-1257 or email to inquire about purchasing any available works.

Available Work:



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