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exhibition recap: crossroads arts alliance

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

If you visit our Museum Gallery in the month of August, you'll be welcomed by artwork from fourteen artists, all who are a part of Crossroads Arts Alliance. These artists produce stunning work in various media ranging from metal to letterpress. A board of the Town of Gordo, Alabama; the Crossroads Arts Alliance promotes and supports the making and teaching of arts in Gordo and Pickens County while enhancing positive partnerships, economic development, cultural tourism, and quality of life. Membership is open to all supporters of its mission.

This year, the following artists have participated in the Crossroads Arts Alliance show, contributing to a gallery exhibition which has filled our Museum Gallery walls with an explosion of color and creation.

Mary Cesar

A baker by day and letterpress printer by night working under the press name “The Baker’s Press.” Many of her pieces are cake related. “I’m just having fun.”

Bill Clemmons

A long-time member of CAA. He retired from the Gordo Police Department after 30 years of service. He is known for his woodworking and produce farming and currently operates a booth in the Gordo Flea Market.

Kathleen Fetters

A photographer and letterpress printer. In addition to several letterpress posters, she has provided for the show in-your-face hand colored photo images of several members of her rather large cat & dog family.

Rhys Greene

An artist of many media. Rhys works with stained glass, mosaics, photography, fused glass, and most currently beading at her rural studio in Pickens County.

Suzanne Gray

A letterpress printer, bookbinder, and mixed media artist. She is a glitter queen and a mad cartoonist by night. In 2010, she founded Preacher Street Press.

Holly Hamm

A teacher and photographer currently studying culinary arts. She's originally from Bostic, Alabama.

Sherri Warner

An artist working in media ranging from book arts to concrete. Along with her sisters, Sharon and Sandee, she has resurrected a new version of Ma’Cile’s Museum of Miscellanea in downtown Gordo, Alabama.

(Scroll through the below images using the arrows on the photos)

Sharon Greenwood

An artist creating in multiple media from cuisine to paint. Along with her sisters, Sherri and Sandee, she has resurrected a new version of Ma’Cile’s Museum of Miscellanea in downtown Gordo, Alabama.

Sandee House

An artist who enjoys working in various media from clay to glass. Along with her sisters, Sherri and Sharon, she has resurrected a new version of Ma’Cile’s Museum of Miscellanea in downtown Gordo, Alabama.

Butch House

A self–taught welder whose creations include the Kentuck Fire Ant located in the Courtyard of Wonders.

Ashleigh McCool

An artist from Gordo, Alabama, enjoys painting in oils and acrylics on canvas, wood, and rock. She is majoring in art history at the University of Alabama. Ashleigh loves connecting with others through art and hopes to eventually use her degree to teach others of the important role art plays now and throughout history.

Craig Patterson

A lover of literature who is content with being a seller of books while experimenting in writing. His Starboard Rail Books in Gordo is open on selected Saturdays. The current third term Mayor of Gordo is a printer at Studio 150 in Gordo.

Ronald Riffe

A creator of intricate intarsia wall sculptures from Gordo.

Erin Ryan

An artist who works primarily in monoprint, linocut, and collage. “I like to take the prints I’m not satisfied with, rip them up, and arrange the papers into new compositions.”

The work by Crossroads Arts Alliance is on view until August 28, 2020 in Kentuck Art Center's Museum Gallery. We encourage you to visit to see this work in person!

We are currently open limited hours--Monday-Friday, 10-12, 1-4 and Saturday-Sunday, 12-4. Facial coverings required.


Interested in purchasing a piece from this exhibition? Contact Mary Bell at or call us at 205-758-1257.


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