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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With January behind us, love is in the air, y'all! We are less than two weeks away from Valentine's Day, which means it is the perfect time to pick something special out for your significant other, loved ones, or yourself. What better way to celebrate your one-of-a-kind sweetheart than with one-of-a-kind, handmade art? Check out our round-up below for some great gift ideas and start showing your appreciation!

Heart Trinket Dishes-Corinne Cox

These trinket dishes are handmade with love, and it shows! The intricate details and one-of-a-kind sculpting are sure to make your special someone feel the same love & care that went into making these.

Valentines-Miz Thang

Alright, pun lovers, these valentines are for you! Hand painted by Miz Thang, one of our Festival artists, any one of these valentines is sure to make your valentine laugh out loud.

Vases-Marysia Galbraith

Want to add a special touch to the bouquet you're planning on getting? We think a locally made vase is just the thing! Click on the vase you're interested in to be taken to its product page.

Metal Flowers-Pat Juneau

Indoors or outdoors, these flowers are sure to brighten up your sweethearts life! A flower that doesn't wilt is definitely a win in our book.

Heart-Eyed Ug-Chugs-Nelson Studio

All the heart eyes for these mugs by Chad Nelson! These microwave, dishwasher safe mugs are an excellent way to have your Valentine think of you every time they have coffee or tea.

Valentine's Pendants-Sarah Morgan

These pendants are created in Alabama & are a subtle way to sport your Valentine's spirit.


Flowers that won't wilt are on our gift list this year! This piece is made by Kunkle, one of Kentuck's studio artists, and are guaranteed to brighten your loved ones day and space.

Owl Pendant/Broach-Megan Austin

Want to say to your Valentine, "And OWL will always love you!"? This owl pendant and broach combo is just the ticket! Created from precious metals & beautiful stones, it is a unique piece as one-of-a-kind as your special someone is.

Ginkgo Leaf Necklace-Suzanne & Angel Juneau

Handmade with love by a mother-daughter duo, this amazing necklace features copper, bronze, sterling silver, peanut wood (petrified conifer driftwood), and citrine, and is adjustable to the length you prefer!


Are you in it for the long haul? Is your song "Together Forever" by Rick Astley? If so, this piece by Chub may be the perfect gift to show your forever love that this will be an everlasting love!

Kentuck's staff wishes you a very happy Valentine's Day! We think that spending the day surrounded by loved ones is always a fantastic idea.

Like these gifts, but want to see more of what we have? Visit us in person! We're open 7 days a week, Monday-Friday 9:39-5:30 and Saturday-Sunday 12-4. Be sure to save the date for a special Galentine's Ladies' Night on February 13th from 5-7 featuring Megan Austin!



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